Customer Story: Siemens

Marcus Puschmann, Director M&A Integration bei Siemens, ist der Meinung, dass Menschen mit zu den wichtigsten Assets von Unternehmen gehören, insbesondere bei M&A Integrationen. Warum er gerade für solche Prozesse das Tool von Business Beat als besonders wertvoll ansieht, erfährst du hier.

Marcus Puschmann

„Recently I had the pleasure to participate in a great session on integrating people through M&A. After all, people are the most important asset in merger integrations.


The session was organized by Dr. Mai Anh Dao of MADiscover and was supported by M&A Review.


In a lively discussion with Mai Anh, Florian Bauer from Lancaster University Management School and Andreas Hermann from Business Beat, we talked about how important it is to address cultural topics very early in the process, identify problematic areas and manage the anxiety gap in a merger situation. 


In dealing with people we also deal with their emotions, which are especially fragile in the change situation that comes with a merger. The Change Curve will hit every time, and it needs to be actively managed to keep people emotionally invested in the M&A integration. Using modern, flexible survey tools like Business Beat surely help to effectively address change management topics and constantly push communications to the employees.“ 


Marcus Puschmann, Director M&A Integration bei Siemens

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