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We are Business Beat, an SaaS company with personality and skill. We see ourselves as Software with a Service. Why? Quite simply: We not only offer an HR tool for meaningful pulse surveys, but also advise you on the evaluation of results and the implementation of suitable HR measures..In this way you can form an authentic corporate culture and an attractive employer brand!

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Our Values


Our software is easy to use and you can get started quickly. Results can be presented in a clear and understandable way.


Fully transparent and no hidden costs. We offer fair value, whatever the size of your company.


We bring a wealth of experience from IT, psychology and human resources. You will be advised and supervised by professionals.


Our results never allow any conclusions to be drawn about individuals. Anonymity & GDPR compliance are very important to us.

We are Business Beat

We work with full motivation every day to further develop our software, to present Business Beat and to support our customers to meet their HR goals.

Andreas Hermann

Arbeitspsychologe & CEO

Tobias Bayer, CTO

Tobias Bayer


Theresa Rink, Finance, Administration & HR

Theresa Rink


Adrian Tappeiner, Customer Success

Adrian Tappeiner

Customer Success

Account Mitarbeiter Gregor Schranz

Gregor Schranz

Account Management


Liam Hofer


Sylvia Huber

Account Management

Valentina Gattringer

Valentina Gattringer


Fabio Ciresa, Development

Fabio Ciresa


Wieland Alge

Strategic Management

Carina Lechner

Carina Lechner

People & Culture

Nora Kugler

Nora Kugler

People & Culture

Business Beat - Your People & Culture Company

Our Story

People and their needs are what the success of any company is based on. That’s why Andreas Hermann and Tobias Bayer launched Business Beat. A tool that combines the advantages of a product, but also a service. By bringing together many years of experience in market research and in-depth knowledge in the field of occupational psychology, Business Beat sets new standards in employee management.

Business Beat Team: Tobias, Theresa & Andreas

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We provide you with the right questions and vital facts. Combine our reliable and easy-to-use software with the skilled service of our People & Culture experts.