Your hr software for pulse surveys

Your tool for pulse surveys

HR visible, measurable & optimisable

Regular pulse surveys are the heart of our software. Based on the clear live results, you can discover all the right HR measures and therefore make your HR strategy visible, measurable and optimisable!

Accompanying, developing and retaining employees

Employee Life Cycle

Strengthen your Employer Branding

Accompany your staff along all the phases of the Employee Life Cycle as they make their journey through the company. With the help of focused Pulse surveys, you can discover the challenges your team faces, put the right HR actions in place and therefore design an attractive company culture. Position yourself as a unique employer with Business Beat and win the War for Talents.

Puls-Befragungen für ein zielführendes Onboarding-Programm

A new level of onboarding

More than half of all employees leave their jobs during their first year. Many of these losses of employees can be avoided by a structured onboarding programme and open communication. With Business Beat, you can ask your new employees questions focused on their goals in order to discover unmet expections and resolve issues at an early stage. Employee retention starts with onboarding, after all.

Unsere HR-Software: Die Schaltzentrale deiner Unternehmenskultur

Unleash maximum potential

The potential of your employees is just as varied as the personalities and strengths of your employees are individual. With the results of 360-degree feedback, you can specifically determine the core skills and develop tailor-made training programmes for each person. The special feature of 360-degree feedback is that it places self-perception against external perception with blind spots being revealed. You can bring your employees and managers into top shape as a result!

Nachhaltige Mitarbeiterbindung durch regelmäßige Puls-Befragungen

Sustainable staff retention

With Business Beat you can not only measure employee satisfaction but also sustainably reduce turnover in your company. How does it work? With regular pulse surveys, you can get to the bottom of your team’s needs and identify challenges before they become problems. Find out what motivates your employees and initiate the right HR actions to retain them to the company in the long term. 

Exit-Befragungen decken Optimierungspotentiale des Unternehmens auf

Exit surveys

Every loss of a valuable member of staff hurts a company. This makes it all the more important to deal with the exit professionally, discover the real reasons for their departure and find out the resulting potential to improve the company. Exit surveys can also be done anonymously and often provide valuable insights.

Business Beat: A combination of Software & Service

We provide you with the right questions and vital facts. Combine our reliable and easy-to-use software with the skilled service of our People & Culture experts.

Graphic with sample question: How are you coping with the current situation?

Easy to use thanks to practical features

Graphical representation of the survey results

Trend development

Get detailed insights into each area of the company and follow trend developments. In this way, problems can be solved at an early stage.

Control actions

Plan your HR actions directly in the tool and check whether they achieve the desired impact in your company.

Live results

Your dashboard will fill up with the live results of your employee survey. It couldn't be faster!


Compare your results easily and anonymously with those of your competitors. How does your company compare?

Topic-specific question packs

More than 180 scientifically sound questions have been developed for company-specific topics.

Editors & Viewers

Multiple employees in your company can get an account as an editor or viewer. The distribution of roles is very simple.


The results of your employee survey do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about individuals. This creates security and trust.

GDPR compliant

Our software is absolutely GDPR compliant and our server is located in Germany.

Graphical representation of the survey results: Benchmark and overall index

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Four steps to a sustainable corporate culture


Get to know each other

In an initial 30-minute meeting, we would like to get to know you & your HR challenges.


Web Demo

In a web demo, we will show you our software and introduce you to your personal offering based on your HR goals.



We define your objectives, derive your questions from them and create the first round of surveys together.



Your first survey will be sent out and your dashboard will fill up with live results.


100% GDPR compliant and anonymous

With Business Beat, you can definitely stay on the safe side. Our server is located in Germany, so the transfer and use of our data is regulated by the strict German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). In addition, the anonymity of our survey results is our top priority.

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